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Up to 50%* Insurance Premium Discount

New smart way to build up to a 50% premium discount!
Hive, Nest & Canary systems qualify for up to a 10% discount
(*maximum discount available on this policy)
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Quality Home Insurance - protecting your home and contents for less

We are offering new and existing customers with Smart Home Technology the ability to save even more money on their insurance premiums. With Smart Home discounts starting at up to 10% for the first year’s premium, combined with no claim and other available discounts, we can now offer up to the maximum of a 50% reduction in the premiums of our Connoisseur Home Insurance Policy

A policy that rewards loyalty

We believe in rewarding our customers for their loyalty with the value of our product and the quality of the service. We don’t believe in offering low premiums to entice new customers only to bump up the price at a later date for no apparent reason. Our standard premium rates have not increased since 2004, but thanks to good claims experience we have gradually been able to pass on ever increasing discounts to our clients.

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For further information about our Smart Home Insurance select and download policy documents below or give us a call on 01306 740555 to talk directly to a friendly knowledgeable advisor. If your home insurance is coming up for renewal we welcome an opportunity to give you a competitive quote.

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